Roveresca LAB

Roveresca Lab

We cultivate creative thinking to find new solutions and new functions for our products. We believe in the experimentation, passion and enthusiasm of those who dedicate their talent to modelling material every day.

Above all we invest in restoration, because we are convinced that the words “Rethink” and “Redesign” have an intrinsic wonder.

A permanent design challenge

A real and virtual place in which to meet, talk, discuss and plan the future of
design and furniture in marble together There are no age limits, educational qualifications or qualifications required. Just talent at the service of
functional creativity. If you have a concrete project and the determination to pursue it, you could be one of us!

Call to challenge

Through this website, its social media channels and other appropriate means of communication, Roveresca will announce an open timed challenge based on a specific theme. During the entire duration of the challenge and in compliance with the participation rules shared by Roveresca, designers (or aspiring designers) will be able to submit their design vision by sending it to the following address:

Roveresca will select the most deserving and relevant projects relative to identified theme, and will contact designers establishing possible collaborative relationships of discretionary duration with them for the realization of the project/s.

The duration of the Challenge and the selection of the winners will be at the exclusive discretion of Roveresca.

Permanent challenge

We are open to innovation and continuous improvement. All designers, or aspiring designers, will be able, at any time, to fill in the participation form, register and present their project which will be looked over and assessed by our experts.

If it is of interest, the interested party will be contacted for
a face to face or on-line meeting, which could signify the beginning of a collaboration.

Welcome to Emaurri, a beginning of something truly wonderful! Create your beautiful new architecture or interior design site the easy way.

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